Welcome & Hello!

Introduction Welcome to the blog! So you want to build a world? There are many things to consider but let’s start small. In this series, I’m going to be discussing various aspects of worldbuilding and how you can craft your own. Of course, this is not the only way to worldbuild, but it is one …

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Tell Not Show

Character Exercise “Show not tell” – this is one of the rules most often given to writers. But today, we’re going to do a bit of descriptive telling. Here’s how: 1. Your character writes a journal. Describe an event that occurred in their day and how they felt. You can show, but remember, this is …

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“Guilty or Innocent?”

Character Exercise Guilty or Innocent! In this exercise, we’ll be exploring something a little darker, building on from where we left off. Taking your character from last time (or another character, if you prefer), in 350-500+ words, put them in one of the following situations. Describe the situation from their perspective. 1. Theft – your …

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