The Basics, Part II – “The Divine”

Welcome back! Last time, we had a brief look at a few different styles and tones for worlds, along with possible frameworks you could use. I know I said at the end of the last post that we’d be looking at geography, climate, resources, and peoples, and we will, but first I’m going to talk … Continue reading The Basics, Part II – “The Divine”


Character Exercise Suggested by my good friend, Hannah – whose blog you should definitely check out! (It features places, food, drink & reviews!) Describe your character in a situation (350+ words) where: 1. They unexpectedly come across a giant spider in their room (note: depending on the setting, this could be truly huge) 2. They've … Continue reading “Situation”

The Basics, Part I – “Tone”

The Basics, Part I Welcome back to our series on worldbuilding! I’ve spoken a lot about the ‘art’ aspect of worldbuilding recently, and much less on the science, and I’m afraid that’s going to continue in this post. We will get around to the science sooner or later! Let’s delve in. So, you want to … Continue reading The Basics, Part I – “Tone”

“Morning Routine”

Character Exercise Describe a character (350+ words) where: 1. Describe your character’s morning routine. What do they do once they get out of bed? (What if their “morning” routine is actually an evening one? Maybe they work night shifts. Maybe they have servants to do it for them, or the morning routine is automated and … Continue reading “Morning Routine”

The Street

Character Exercise Describe a world (350+ words) where: A character of your choice is walking down a city street. This can be suburban, urban, with shops, or houses. It can be contemporary, historical, futuristic, fantastical (be that steampunk, fäerytale, it can even be a world of bubbles if you want). Picture the details. What’s the … Continue reading The Street

War – Part I

Today’s post is about war, and how it can help shape a culture’s outlook. (Disclaimer – no offence is intended with this post. Obviously, people have lost their lives during conflicts, and it’s not my intent to trivialise that in any way, shape or form.Also, this world and its history are much too vast to … Continue reading War – Part I

Welcome & Hello!

Introduction Welcome to the blog! So you want to build a world? There are many things to consider but let’s start small. In this series, I’m going to be discussing various aspects of worldbuilding and how you can craft your own. Of course, this is not the only way to worldbuild, but it is one … Continue reading Welcome & Hello!