“Morning Routine”

Character Exercise

Describe a character (350+ words) where:

1. Describe your character’s morning routine. What do they do once they get out of bed? (What if their “morning” routine is actually an evening one? Maybe they work night shifts. Maybe they have servants to do it for them, or the morning routine is automated and carried out by robots. What is today? Is it special or unusual, or just another day of school/work/play?

2. What clothes does your character have available today? Maybe it’s laundry day and all they’re left with are pjs, or something they wouldn’t otherwise wear. Maybe it’s a formal occasion.

3. Actions – something the character is trying out for the first time that’s different to their usual sphere of activity. For example, theatre. Your character is in a play. Or taking swimming lessons for the first time (whether or not they want to). Rollerskating?

How does your character feel? How well do they do? Do they find that they actually enjoy it?

Taking it Further

Consider the time period in which your character is based. Things change depending on the decade and century.

Try writing the same thing for the character’s grandmother/grandfather. Does your character know/remember anything about his/her grandparents? Maybe your character is an orphan. Maybe there are photos or videos. Maybe things have got worse and regressed since grandpa walked the earth/spaceship/dimension. Maybe it’s exactly the same: what if your character was on a generational arc ship, or the world was stuck in some kind of timewarp? Maybe there’s a magical barrier preventing contact with the outside world?

You could also write about their physical appearance. Body type, scars, illnesses, injuries – where did they get that sprained ankle from? What about that knee that always aches when there’s a storm coming? Why do their eyes glow green under a full moon? What’s their ‘poison’, or medication? Favourite snack? Maybe they enjoy boating and diving, but have a fear of drowning?

This is another exercise off the top of my head. Just a few things to get the old cogs whirring!

Feel free to share in the comments!

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