Character Exercise Somehow, your character has been turned into a cat. An ancient curse, a hex, a genetic mutation device, a teleportation accident, a dream that your character just can’t wake up from (yet). Regardless, your character is now a cat. As a cat, your character may possess its former memories, sapience, intelligence, or it … Continue reading ‘Meow’

The Basics, Part VI – “Education”

Education Welcome back! This time, I’m going to pose some questions – and I’ll leave you, dear reader, to answer them. Today’s topic is on education. Do girls get the same education as boys? Is there a standard education? Does it follow the three ‘R’s? (one of which is not an ‘r’ at all… - … Continue reading The Basics, Part VI – “Education”

The Watch

Character Exercise Your character is given a watch. If watches are too low tech (or too high tech), they are provided with an equivalent – a mobile phone, an astrolabe, and if those aren’t available, choose an amulet/bracelet or some other item that is in-character for your story. 1. Who gives your character the watch … Continue reading The Watch

The Basics, Part V – “Magic”

Magic Welcome back! Today’s post is going to be short and sweet because there is such a lot to think about when writing about magic. Now, just as a disclaimer here, I’m talking about magic in the fantasy genre, not ‘real life’ magic – be that stage wizardry or actual magic (I’ll leave that to … Continue reading The Basics, Part V – “Magic”

The Basics, Part IV – “Resources Revisited”

Resources, Part II Welcome back! Last time we had a quick dip into Geography, Climate, Resources & People. This time, we’re taking another look at resources and commodities. This will be a relatively short post today. Resources Off the top of my head, I’d say that there are perhaps three categories of resources that you, … Continue reading The Basics, Part IV – “Resources Revisited”

The Basics, Part III – “Geography, Climate, Resources & Peoples”

Geography, Climate, Resources & Peoples Welcome back! Last time we had a quick dip into God, gods, and religion. This time, we’re taking a look at the terrestrial. But first, let’s zoom out just a little. Three suns, four moons - great imagery, but how does the gravity affect the world? If you're ignoring that, … Continue reading The Basics, Part III – “Geography, Climate, Resources & Peoples”

“Guilty or Innocent?”

Character Exercise Guilty or Innocent! In this exercise, we’ll be exploring something a little darker, building on from where we left off. Taking your character from last time (or another character, if you prefer), in 350-500+ words, put them in one of the following situations. Describe the situation from their perspective. 1. Theft – your … Continue reading “Guilty or Innocent?”