“Guilty or Innocent?”

Character Exercise

Guilty or Innocent! In this exercise, we’ll be exploring something a little darker, building on from where we left off.

Taking your character from last time (or another character, if you prefer), in 350-500+ words, put them in one of the following situations. Describe the situation from their perspective.

1. Theft – your character is accused of stealing. This can be shoplifting, a precious jewel, a car, horse, ship, spaceship, phone or whatever you’d like. Maybe it isn’t just one, but a string of thefts. This could be tax evasion, fraud.

2. Mistaken identity. Your character is mistaken for someone else! Who is this doppelgänger, and what did they do? Could it be your character’s long, lost twin (or perhaps not so lost!), could it be your character’s clone? Maybe it is your character from a future timeline! Maybe someone has disguised themselves as you and has gone around committing a string of crimes. Maybe it isn’t a crime at all, but they romanced someone and that someone is now expecting your character to continue or feels jilted!

3. Murder! Your character has been accused of the unthinkable! (Or maybe not so unthinkable, depending on your setting). Who, what, why, how, and what on earth will your character do?

Taking it Further

Describe your characters feelings, the events leading up to it, and what follows. Maybe they are guilty – just not of the crime they’ve been accused!

What happens if they’re found guilty? Describe what happens next!

As always, you’re welcome to share what you come up with in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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