So my good friend Hannah Read nominated me for this. This is the first I’ve heard of it, and ordinarily I make a point of not answering chain stuff but this time I’m making an exception.


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3. Unveil seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate other bloggers that bring joy into your daily life.


Thanks to PAGES, PLACES, & PLATES for the nomination – if you’ve not checked out this blog, you’re missing out!


1.  My dream when I was younger was to be a video game designer (fantasy genre) and create engaging stories and characters within that. Programming and I never got along, and I somehow ended up writing instead.
(It should come as no surprise to anyone that my favourite stories & films as a child and teenager were fantasy, and I played with Lego (including the black knight, sci fi and pirate series) creating worlds and things went from there)

2. Video games are something that I’ve poured countless hours into over the span of my life. My favourites are strategy (actual strategy not the “rush ‘em” style that is so prevalent) and old-school roleplay games. My ideal is actually a blend of both, hence Fact 1.

3. I took up writing because I was too impatient to draw. I could never quite capture what I saw in my mind’s eye so I decided I would ‘paint with words’.

4. I’m an Englishman living in America with an American wife. I never believed in “love at first sight” until I met her. We met through a mutual friend who I knew online as a result of NaNoWriMo; my friend and I were playing a video game and my friend was due to have lunch with my future Mrs; after introducing us things just went from there. This blog exists on the Mrs.’ suggestion.

5. What do I miss most from England? Aside from friends and family, I miss English ale (which is not beer), Coleman’s English mustard, clotted cream, fudge, hard-boiled sweets, blackberry and apple crumble (amongst other desserts), French cheese (especially brie and blue cheese), French jam, Scottish shortbread, Lingham’s sweet chilli sauce, curry, and Chinese takeaway. I also miss our stone buildings and other historical structures, driving on the left with a manual, roundabouts… you know, the little oddities that make England England.

What don’t I miss? The damp and the drizzly rain, or the narrow, winding country roads!

6. What do I like about the U.S.? Well, I love the Mrs.’ side of the family, there are some decent burger joints here, the ice cream is really good, the landscape and climate for the most part (I legitimately slept through two tornadoes) I rather like, and a lot of people we know are very friendly. And, of course, there’s our puppy.

The culture here is very different but there are similarities too. I liken it to being in a cousin’s house – familial, but with a different subculture. What do I find challenging? Well, I like my ‘u’s far too much to give them up, and I don’t think I’m ever going to be convinced to say ‘tom-ate-o’, ‘vite-amins’, ‘traffic circles’ (in place of roundabouts), and numerous other pronunciations. But we shall have to see. There’s a lot of little things I’m still getting used to that are only evident in the moment – a lot of ‘huh.’ moments for me. Like a lack of red post-boxes. Just little things.

7. This is a blog about worldbuilding but it also has something of my personal journey in it, little snatches here and there, so I try to be very careful not to let personal biases affect things. For that reason, I do try to adhere to the ‘dinner table’ convention of not bringing up personal politics or religion, but I’m going to waive this rule this one time. My life has been a journey of faith, and while there have been difficult times throughout this journey, I have been extremely blessed as well – by friends who are as close to me as family and I regard as family, and by God. Since this blog is not a platform to preach from, I’m not going to launch into a sermon and remain as objective as I can, but I would be remiss not to include this. Even in writing this blog, it has been a journey, one that is enriching my life, and I hope yours as well, dear readers.

I may, at some point, write more about my life and personal experiences, but for now, it is enough to say that through good times and bad, God has been there with me and I am grateful for the opportunity not only to have been able to write, but also to learn, and share something of that here with all of you.

And here’s a couple of bonus facts, just because – yes, I’m writing outside of the ‘rules’.


a) I’m something of a night-owl. Have been since my late teenage years. I thought moving to a timezone that used to be my night would fix that, but alas!
b) I’m also known to be somewhat contrary while playing card/board games. Who would have thought…?

So there you have it, seven-ish facts about me. I hope you know me a little better now! If you have any more questions, you are welcome to post them in the comments below! Thanks again to Hannah for nominating me!


Okay, confession time – I’m still new to wordpress and I’ve not really found many other blogs. But! If you are reading this and would like to take the “VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARDS!” – then by all means, I choose you!

As a final note, I want to thank everyone who has left a like for the blog and taken the time to read it. To say that your support and encouragement is absolutely invaluable simply doesn’t begin to cover it, so instead, I shall simply say: ‘thank you’.


  1. Great post! I’ve learnt new things about you 😊 I can’t get over the fact that you don’t have Chinese takeaway over there though… Is it not a thing? Looking forward to your next posts!


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