Character Exercise Today’s exercise is a bit more morbid. A character, whether your main, or side, has died. The circumstances are up to you. A memorial or funeral service is held. 1. Who attends? How do they react? Perhaps there is a sense of anger, relief, or even a sense that the character has cheated … Continue reading Funeral

The Basics, Part IX – “Food & Drink”

Welcome back! Following on from fashion, what foods & drinks are fashionable? What is available, how easily, and why? Back to geographical worldbuilding, how do you label your foods? Are you transplanting foods from earth? For example, [place name] grape? Many Earth foods and drinks are tied to geographic location. Burgundy, champagne, sherry, to name … Continue reading The Basics, Part IX – “Food & Drink”

Walking Your Street(s)

Character Exercise Today’s exercise is about location. How well does your character know their town, village, city, etc? How well do you as a writer know it? Have you walked your streets, really walked them? That’s what we’re going to do today. Describe up to three (or more, if you are so inclined), streets from … Continue reading Walking Your Street(s)

The Basics, Part VIII – “Fashion”

Welcome back! Today, I’d like us to take a brief look at fashion. Let’s think haircuts, beards, moustaches, top hats, monocles, spectacles, piercings and tattoos. Before we continue, we should probably appraise the culture’s technology. For tattoos, that doesn’t matter quite so much, (although, acquiring the pigments for inks might mean a trek or perhaps … Continue reading The Basics, Part VIII – “Fashion”

Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

Character Exercise Your character is sent back in time (even if it’s a dream) to their parents/grandparents’/great, great grandparents’ day. What do they find? How difference is life? How do they adapt? 1. Parents’ day. 2. Grandparents’ day. 3. Great, great grandparents’ day. Taking it Further Your character is now stuck in one of the … Continue reading Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

The Basics, Part VII – “Myths”

Mythic figures The hero, the legend, the villain Welcome back! Today, we’re going to be taking a brief look (and it will be brief!) at legendary figures. So by now, you have a world. You have terrain, climates, seas (perhaps), and maybe coffee beans or an equivalent. Perhaps you have tea. That tea could be … Continue reading The Basics, Part VII – “Myths”

If I Could Fly…

Character Exercise Your character develops a superpower and/or magic. As much fun as that might be, there are serious downsides. (And if you really hate superpowers, just boost an existing trait, such as athleticism, or up their game at chess, for example). Jealousy, envy, suspicion, rivalry, the urge to never have to work again… what … Continue reading If I Could Fly…