If I Could Fly…

Character Exercise

Your character develops a superpower and/or magic. As much fun as that might be, there are serious downsides. (And if you really hate superpowers, just boost an existing trait, such as athleticism, or up their game at chess, for example).

Jealousy, envy, suspicion, rivalry, the urge to never have to work again… what are the downsides, pitfalls and temptations your character has to face?

1. Write in another style – perhaps a newspaper report or blog entry documenting a snapshot of your character as seen by someone else. (If you made your character invisible and they’re never seen, then write the effects of not being seen.)

2. A jealous rival, a concerned loved one. Two more viewpoints on your character. Try using a different tense to usual: second person, perhaps, in the form of two letters/emails/texts. Address your character from the letter of these two personages – they might even be the same person.

3. Your normal character has a dialogue with the superpowered/magical/enhanced version of the character. What form does it take?

Taking it Further

You can have your normal character wake up from this terrific/nightmarish dream, if you want, or have alternate realities collapse/merge/close and have the two versions of your character side by side. You can even make these two versions be a video-game persona and the real-life persona, if you like. Regardless of what you decide, write the morning/afternoon/evening/night after this new reality (or end of the dream). What happens?

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