Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

Character Exercise

Your character is sent back in time (even if it’s a dream) to their parents/grandparents’/great, great grandparents’ day. What do they find? How difference is life? How do they adapt?

1. Parents’ day.

2. Grandparents’ day.

3. Great, great grandparents’ day.

Taking it Further

Your character is now stuck in one of the three eras (or if you prefer, a distant ancestor) and has to make a life there. Alternatively, your character is stuck within the era of a descendant (or future period if they are childless and their family line/species is entirely wiped out).
1. son/daughter’s day.
2. grandson/granddaughter’s day.
3. great, great grandson/granddaughter’s day.
4. [x#] generation ancestor/descendant (your choice)

Using those questions in the premise as a prompt, develop them in greater detail. Be sure to use the senses, consider currency, taxes, jobs, diseases, and most of all, culture. (And possibly foreknowledge/historical knowledge/lack of knowledge).

Consider lingos, slang – even if you decide that your character can speak the tongue of the day (which is optional), how does manners and etiquette differ? What about technology? Is there running water?

How does this experience (even as a dream!) alter them when they get back, if they get back/wake up.

Have fun!

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