Series II, Part III

Hiatus Today is more character focused than usual! Let's imagine, for a moment, you have your plot, your character background(singular, plural characters), and your world is up and running.Then let's pause. Let's take a break. A vacation, a disruption to the daily life of your character; perhaps a power outrage, national holiday, war crisis, alien … Continue reading Series II, Part III

Series II, Part II – Charlatans

Welcome back! Today I was looking through my blog, checking various things, updating links and I happened to look in the comments – the spam ones. This got me thinking… what sort of trolls and hecklers do you have in your story worlds? Deceptive Deviants Do the ‘trolls’ in your world live under proverbial (or … Continue reading Series II, Part II – Charlatans

Series II – Part I – Cultural Norms: Characters & Readers

Welcome to our new series! For this series, we’re straying away from ‘the basics’ and instead we’re going to be looking more at ‘how characters affect their world, and how the world affects the character’ – a writing motto of mine. There will, of course, be lots of worldbuilding involved and a few non-character focused … Continue reading Series II – Part I – Cultural Norms: Characters & Readers

The Basics, Part XI – “Wrapping Up”

Welcome to final entry in the Basics Series (I). Today, we’re going to review what we’ve been looking at over the past three months (has it really been so long already?) and next time, we’ll begin our new series. Over the course of The Basics, despite only scrapping the very tip of the iceberg, we’ve … Continue reading The Basics, Part XI – “Wrapping Up”

The Basics, Part X – “Communication & Disasters”

Welcome to the penultimate entry in the Basics Series (I). Today, dear friends, we will be looking at communication & disasters (natural and otherwise). But before we get stuck into that, I’d like to say that there is still so much more to write and the next series is incoming, so stay tuned! Communication Tradewinds, … Continue reading The Basics, Part X – “Communication & Disasters”