Series II, Part III


Today is more character focused than usual! Let’s imagine, for a moment, you have your plot, your character background(singular, plural characters), and your world is up and running.
Then let’s pause. Let’s take a break. A vacation, a disruption to the daily life of your character; perhaps a power outrage, national holiday, war crisis, alien arrival, what have you – for whatever reason, there is a hiatus on your character’s routine (or plot).

The question today is this: how does this affect your character, your ‘villain’ (if any), and others around the world, from the highest to the lowest? Perhaps the government shuts down, parliament is disbanded (for a time or permanently), there’s an interim in leadership. Perhaps your characters just go on holiday.

The purpose of this is simply to add in life’s little disruptions, where things don’t go as planned. Maybe the car breaks down. Maybe there are riots. No matter what form it takes, how does the disruption alter not only the plot (either occurring before, during or after the story), your characters, and your world? The type of disruption is important to how your world operates. For example, a worker’s strike could take place in a factory, a rail service, a teachers’ or even entertainment (be it in the form of writers, actors, etc). Perhaps it is as simple as your character’s favourite TV series going down the proverbial toilet. Maybe their morning coffee run no longer happens – the cafe closes, the supply is broken, etc.

All these little things tie into a larger world. You can explore them in as much or as little depth as you like!

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