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Wargaming with LuckGod
(image belongs to LuckGod)

The chap on the left, in the black coat (currently unfinished in this photo) is from a campaign run by my good friend “LuckGod” (as he’s known online). I have extremely fond memories of that game – set in ‘Iron Kingdoms’, (a belligerent sort of place, as portrayed by ‘LuckGod’,) Idyl was an ‘arcane mechanik’ – and a necromancer. He had an insatiable envy of all magical technology he simply wasn’t able to salvage, and attempted to raise legions of undead servants – unfortunately, his dreams of grandeur were much larger than his means!
The ‘gobber’ beside him is ‘Rez’, an alchemist and secret pyromaniac. Together, with a human stormknight, an ogre adopted into the nobility, a human sniper, a gobber gunslinger, a young woman with a mutated arm (that they rescued), and a couple of others, they blazed a trail through a world that barely noticed them.
It was great fun. The Grey Lanterns, March 2016-August 2017. Anti-heroes all, save for the stormknight. Oh, how he did try to turn us to the straight and narrow…

‘LuckGod’ painted all the models in the campagin, including Idyl and Rez. For more of his amazing work, check out his blog. Even if you’re not that into models and miniatures, I highly recommend it!

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This blog is by my dear friend, Hannah, who is always travelling places, reading books, and posting the most amazing photos – I can’t decide which look more appealing, the locations or the food!
I’m just going to say this outright: if you don’t check out her blog, you’re missing out.

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