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Current Projects

February 2019 – I’m working on finishing a set of three novels set within the same ‘verse. The stories follow the individual journeys of three characters, having grown up together; their home, a flying city, a remnant of an all but forgotten time.

Aethur, unable to bear the shame and hurt of life under a tyrant undertakes to break his bonds: with that, he is faced with a terrible decision.

Check out the preview under ‘excerpts’!

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‘Resting’ Projects

My novel – during the months it took for my greencard application to go through, and without my notes (save a couple of files), I undertook the task of writing the novel I’ve been wanting to write for years but never felt I had quite developed the skill for. Well, I did it. It’s currently ‘resting’ in a proverbial drawer, waiting for my to take a hatchet to it, and give it the finishing spit-and-polish it needs.

“Sometimes the most dangerous foe is an ally. Sometimes, that ally is you.”

On the surface, he has everything. Wine, wealth, companionship – if he wants. He commands respect from his peers, if not his elders, loyalty from his retainers, and his skill at arms sets him high in the tournaments. His education is unparalleled; he has the favour of the throne. He wants for nothing.
As the younger son of the ruling family, he has lived a life of privilege and duty. Too young to be elected sovereign, he must align himself carefully but with whom? His older siblings and cousins, also raised to rule since birth, have radically different ideologies; ideologies that will shatter his world and bring ruin to him and his generation. Furthermore, he is to be married off to some princess of a neighbouring city-state, a princess he neither knows nor cares to; his heart belongs to another. Yet without this alliance, his home is at risk.
If that wasn’t enough, war is brewing in the west while insurgents plague the east – and he is powerless to stop any of it. Or is he?

This novel is set three thousand years after the aforementioned stories.

More on this later!

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Queued Projects

A novel set a several thousand years before the rest of the series, it involves the descendants of a generational arc ship convoy, exiles from the homeworld. One day, the descendants of those who exiled the colonists encroach on the now-thriving colonies’ space. War breaks out instantly, as the colonial government reacts with decisive and savage belligerence, ruining any chance of civil discourse.

A young man, on the front lines, is part of a organisation allied with the more reasonable elements of the government, elements that have declared the current regime illegal. The expeditionary fleet from the homeworld, however, views the colonists as being no different from the savages that were banished long ago. At the height of their battle, another force moves in – a splinter group, descendants of the generational arc’s sister ship with their own grudge and a fleet numbering far beyond anything the exiles or the expedition has.

It is from this moment our story begins, and the young man is forced to choose sides. Sometimes, allies are more dangerous than foes.

Coming later this year!

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