Walking Your Street(s)

Character Exercise Today’s exercise is about location. How well does your character know their town, village, city, etc? How well do you as a writer know it? Have you walked your streets, really walked them? That’s what we’re going to do today. Describe up to three (or more, if you are so inclined), streets from … Continue reading Walking Your Street(s)

Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

Character Exercise Your character is sent back in time (even if it’s a dream) to their parents/grandparents’/great, great grandparents’ day. What do they find? How difference is life? How do they adapt? 1. Parents’ day. 2. Grandparents’ day. 3. Great, great grandparents’ day. Taking it Further Your character is now stuck in one of the … Continue reading Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

If I Could Fly…

Character Exercise Your character develops a superpower and/or magic. As much fun as that might be, there are serious downsides. (And if you really hate superpowers, just boost an existing trait, such as athleticism, or up their game at chess, for example). Jealousy, envy, suspicion, rivalry, the urge to never have to work again… what … Continue reading If I Could Fly…


Character Exercise Somehow, your character has been turned into a cat. An ancient curse, a hex, a genetic mutation device, a teleportation accident, a dream that your character just can’t wake up from (yet). Regardless, your character is now a cat. As a cat, your character may possess its former memories, sapience, intelligence, or it … Continue reading ‘Meow’

The Watch

Character Exercise Your character is given a watch. If watches are too low tech (or too high tech), they are provided with an equivalent – a mobile phone, an astrolabe, and if those aren’t available, choose an amulet/bracelet or some other item that is in-character for your story. 1. Who gives your character the watch … Continue reading The Watch

“Guilty or Innocent?”

Character Exercise Guilty or Innocent! In this exercise, we’ll be exploring something a little darker, building on from where we left off. Taking your character from last time (or another character, if you prefer), in 350-500+ words, put them in one of the following situations. Describe the situation from their perspective. 1. Theft – your … Continue reading “Guilty or Innocent?”


Character Exercise Suggested by my good friend, Hannah – whose blog you should definitely check out! (It features places, food, drink & reviews!) Describe your character in a situation (350+ words) where: 1. They unexpectedly come across a giant spider in their room (note: depending on the setting, this could be truly huge) 2. They've … Continue reading “Situation”

“Morning Routine”

Character Exercise Describe a character (350+ words) where: 1. Describe your character’s morning routine. What do they do once they get out of bed? (What if their “morning” routine is actually an evening one? Maybe they work night shifts. Maybe they have servants to do it for them, or the morning routine is automated and … Continue reading “Morning Routine”

The Street

Character Exercise Describe a world (350+ words) where: A character of your choice is walking down a city street. This can be suburban, urban, with shops, or houses. It can be contemporary, historical, futuristic, fantastical (be that steampunk, fäerytale, it can even be a world of bubbles if you want). Picture the details. What’s the … Continue reading The Street