Series II, Part III

Hiatus Today is more character focused than usual! Let's imagine, for a moment, you have your plot, your character background(singular, plural characters), and your world is up and running.Then let's pause. Let's take a break. A vacation, a disruption to the daily life of your character; perhaps a power outrage, national holiday, war crisis, alien … Continue reading Series II, Part III

The Basics, Part XI – “Wrapping Up”

Welcome to final entry in the Basics Series (I). Today, we’re going to review what we’ve been looking at over the past three months (has it really been so long already?) and next time, we’ll begin our new series. Over the course of The Basics, despite only scrapping the very tip of the iceberg, we’ve … Continue reading The Basics, Part XI – “Wrapping Up”

Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

Character Exercise Your character is sent back in time (even if it’s a dream) to their parents/grandparents’/great, great grandparents’ day. What do they find? How difference is life? How do they adapt? 1. Parents’ day. 2. Grandparents’ day. 3. Great, great grandparents’ day. Taking it Further Your character is now stuck in one of the … Continue reading Tempus Fugit – but in which direction?

The Basics, Part VII – “Myths”

Mythic figures The hero, the legend, the villain Welcome back! Today, we’re going to be taking a brief look (and it will be brief!) at legendary figures. So by now, you have a world. You have terrain, climates, seas (perhaps), and maybe coffee beans or an equivalent. Perhaps you have tea. That tea could be … Continue reading The Basics, Part VII – “Myths”

If I Could Fly…

Character Exercise Your character develops a superpower and/or magic. As much fun as that might be, there are serious downsides. (And if you really hate superpowers, just boost an existing trait, such as athleticism, or up their game at chess, for example). Jealousy, envy, suspicion, rivalry, the urge to never have to work again… what … Continue reading If I Could Fly…

The Basics, Part IV – “Resources Revisited”

Resources, Part II Welcome back! Last time we had a quick dip into Geography, Climate, Resources & People. This time, we’re taking another look at resources and commodities. This will be a relatively short post today. Resources Off the top of my head, I’d say that there are perhaps three categories of resources that you, … Continue reading The Basics, Part IV – “Resources Revisited”

The Basics, Part III – “Geography, Climate, Resources & Peoples”

Geography, Climate, Resources & Peoples Welcome back! Last time we had a quick dip into God, gods, and religion. This time, we’re taking a look at the terrestrial. But first, let’s zoom out just a little. Three suns, four moons - great imagery, but how does the gravity affect the world? If you're ignoring that, … Continue reading The Basics, Part III – “Geography, Climate, Resources & Peoples”

“Guilty or Innocent?”

Character Exercise Guilty or Innocent! In this exercise, we’ll be exploring something a little darker, building on from where we left off. Taking your character from last time (or another character, if you prefer), in 350-500+ words, put them in one of the following situations. Describe the situation from their perspective. 1. Theft – your … Continue reading “Guilty or Innocent?”

The Basics, Part II – “The Divine”

Welcome back! Last time, we had a brief look at a few different styles and tones for worlds, along with possible frameworks you could use. I know I said at the end of the last post that we’d be looking at geography, climate, resources, and peoples, and we will, but first I’m going to talk … Continue reading The Basics, Part II – “The Divine”


Character Exercise Suggested by my good friend, Hannah – whose blog you should definitely check out! (It features places, food, drink & reviews!) Describe your character in a situation (350+ words) where: 1. They unexpectedly come across a giant spider in their room (note: depending on the setting, this could be truly huge) 2. They've … Continue reading “Situation”

The Basics, Part I – “Tone”

The Basics, Part I Welcome back to our series on worldbuilding! I’ve spoken a lot about the ‘art’ aspect of worldbuilding recently, and much less on the science, and I’m afraid that’s going to continue in this post. We will get around to the science sooner or later! Let’s delve in. So, you want to … Continue reading The Basics, Part I – “Tone”

“Morning Routine”

Character Exercise Describe a character (350+ words) where: 1. Describe your character’s morning routine. What do they do once they get out of bed? (What if their “morning” routine is actually an evening one? Maybe they work night shifts. Maybe they have servants to do it for them, or the morning routine is automated and … Continue reading “Morning Routine”

The Street

Character Exercise Describe a world (350+ words) where: A character of your choice is walking down a city street. This can be suburban, urban, with shops, or houses. It can be contemporary, historical, futuristic, fantastical (be that steampunk, fäerytale, it can even be a world of bubbles if you want). Picture the details. What’s the … Continue reading The Street

War – Part I

Today’s post is about war, and how it can help shape a culture’s outlook. (Disclaimer – no offence is intended with this post. Obviously, people have lost their lives during conflicts, and it’s not my intent to trivialise that in any way, shape or form.Also, this world and its history are much too vast to … Continue reading War – Part I